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Behind The Scenes | July 2016 Wrap-Up

WOW!! July was such a whirlwind. It seemed like we were either getting yelled at by lifeguards, or we were shooting some pretty epic love stories. We had a handful of incredible engagement and boudoir sessions, along with some pretty stunning weddings. We even captured a beautiful proposal in Milwaukee! Whew!! We also discovered that Ed is definitely the daredevil in the relationship. For an engagement session, he was hanging off a ledge of a rooftop parking garage! Anything for the shot!!

We took a day off to enjoy Independence Day. We started the morning by visiting Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, MI with some friends. It was a really cool tour, and we learned a lot about their history. They are also a super unique wedding venue!! We then all drove to Ed’s family cottage on Hudson Lake in Indiana, and set off fireworks all night. We also played with sparklers, creating some fun long exposure shots! It was such a nice little getaway.

We officially said good-bye to our apartment in Oak Park. Our new place in Bucktown is slowly coming along. We are still waiting on furniture to be delivered and kind of living out of boxes, but it’s starting to finally feel like home. Oreo and Amber weren’t the biggest fans at first . . . They are older cats (both turned 11 this year!), so the change took some getting used to. There is still some bickering between the two, but overall, they seem to tolerate each other’s existence a bit more. LOL! Aileen also figured out how to video chat with her grandparents in China, and has been having a blast showing them the new place. Can’t wait to have everything set up to show you guys!




Moving has us all like… #someonehelpme #imlosingit #movingday #movingistheworst

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