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We feel so lucky to be able to share Mary and Brad’s love story. They are high school sweethearts, and without a doubt, in love. The way they interact with each other is completely and utterly romantic. For this woodland elopement inspiration session, we were inspired by the intimate moments – the moments where all you see, feel, and hear is your other half. We wanted to capture the beauty of how one small glance is all the proof you need to show that you are in love.

On a chilly Saturday morning, we met Mary & Brad at the Oak Forest Metra Station to begin our adventure. Along the way, we hiked through forests, climbed rocky hills, and jumped over dams. We ended our session in the middle of a clearing in the forest, where Mary and Brad had their first dance before heading back to reality. What a beautiful day!

Here are some of our favorites from Mary & Brad’s woodland elopement inspiration session!

Woodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement Inspiration

Woodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement Inspiration2015-04-09_0001Woodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement InspirationWoodland Elopement Inspiration

Florist: KC Occasions | Dress: Allison Parris | Jewelry: Jules Smith | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Models: Mary O’Sullivan and Bradley Moss | Photographer: Ed & Aileen Photography

  • Thank you for taking such lovvely pictures of my daughter MaryBrigid and her boyfriend Brad a few weeks ago. Cathy Borden is truly a friend and Mary enjoyed every minute of it. However, it is kind of scary right now for my husband and I thinking of our little girls getting married some day. We keep trying to encourage the convent but that is falling on deaf earrs. LOL

    The photos are gorgeous to say the least, I think Mary might frame one for her bedroom. Brad and Mary always seem to be walking on cloud 9 . I hope it stays that way for a while.

    Thank you very much

    Tricia OSullivanReplyCancel

Sola and Olu are soulmates. They first met at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign over 12 years ago, and have been best friends ever since. Sola and Olu just radiate happiness. We were absolutely blown away by their love for each other. And the way they look into each other’s eyes is just swoon-worthy!

For their engagement session, we met this beautiful couple in Wicker Park. And they brought their five-year-old doggie Azy! What a cutie!! The five of us had an awesome time exploring Wicker Park together, ending our adventure on the CTA Blue Line Damen platform. What an amazing day!

Here are some of our favorites from Sola and Olu’s engagement session!

Wicker Park Chicago Engagement Photgography-122015-03-31_0011

Wicker Park Chicago Engagement Photgography-1-22015-03-31_0010Wicker Park Chicago Engagement Photgography-92015-03-31_00122015-03-31_0015Wicker Park Chicago Engagement Photgography-192015-03-31_00162015-03-31_0014Wicker Park Chicago Engagement Photgography-26

These college sweethearts met at Illinois Wesleyan University, and their story began on the soccer field – the same field that Matt proposed to Kathryn on. Swoon!! They recently moved to Chicago, and wanted to showcase the city that they will start their lives together as husband and wife. What a perfect backdrop to their love story!

For their engagement session, we met in Lincoln Park and explored the area together. We discovered some amazing scenery, beautiful skyline views, and a deserted beach. We even found a soccer field!! Kathryn and Matt are such lighthearted and easy going people. Even though the temperature was dropping fast, they were all smiles. We loved that about them!

We also realized that we were all connected to Wisconsin somehow. So we made sure that we all got back in time to watch the Badgers!! ON WISCONSIN!

Here are some of our favorites from Kathryn and Matt’s engagement session  🙂

Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement PhotographyLincoln Park Chicago Engagement PhotographyLincoln Park Chicago Engagement PhotographyLincoln Park Chicago Engagement PhotographyLincoln Park Chicago Engagement PhotographyLincoln Park Chicago Engagement PhotographyLincoln Park Chicago Engagement Photography

When we were approached to do an anniversary session for Julie and Brad, we were ecstatic! For their two-year anniversary session, we met by the Illinois River in Starved Rock State Park on a beautiful Saturday morning, and these two lovebirds took our breath away with their love. There was not a single moment where Julie and Brad were not connected to each other. They were constantly laughing, singing, and playing. Julie and Brad taught us that sometimes you have to hike through ankle deep mud for love and adventure!!  🙂

Here are some of our favorites from Julie and Brad’s Starved Rock Anniversary Session!

2015-03-31_0005Starved Rock Anniversary Photography-4Starved Rock Anniversary Photography-5Starved Rock Anniversary Photography-62015-03-31_00072015-03-31_00082015-03-31_0009

We are so happy and excited to officially announce Ed & Aileen Photography! Our friends and family have played a huge role in supporting our dream in becoming a husband and wife photography team. We honestly are so grateful and blessed to have such amazing people in our lives. We can’t wait to share our journey with you all!

When we first announced our idea to start Ed & Aileen Photography, we got some weird looks and lots of questions, especially since both of us work in corporate America. So today, we are going to answer the two questions we were asked the most!  🙂

Why Photography?

AILEEN: My passion has always been photography. Since I was a child, I always had a camera in my hand. My poor parents probably have so many random cats and “artistic” lawn photos from all those disposable cameras. During my time at University of Wisconsin – Madison, I worked with Ed at a family photography studio. I remember how amazing it felt to be able to document the love that families had for each other. I looked for any opportunity to increase my experience and knowledge of what to do behind the camera. Unfortunately, I stopped photography while pursuing my law degree. But luckily I had my iPhone, so I was still able to capture meaningful moments when I was with friends and family. I didn’t realize just how much I missed holding an actual camera until our honeymoon. It felt amazing. When we got home from our honeymoon, I never looked back. Ed & Aileen Photography was born!

ED: Similar to Aileen, I  always wanted to be a photographer. I was lucky enough to have been able to study the art of photography during college, learning the fundamentals of film photography and honing in on my skills in the darkroom. Now, I always have a camera by my side. Aileen and I decided to pursue wedding photography because we understand just how important it is to capture the emotion and love that takes place on a wedding day. We love being able to freeze a moment in time where you can just see the love in someone’s eyes.

Why Work Together? Aren’t You Guys Going To Drive Each Other Crazy?

AILEEN: I think we perform at our best when we are together. We have an uncanny ability to communicate without talking and know exactly what the other person is thinking. Maybe it’s because I’ve known Ed since I was 14! We actually worked together when I was 17 and again when I was 21. We thrived in those environments because we were together. Ed helps and supports me in ways that I can’t even start to explain. I absolutely love working with him!

ED: Having been together for over 13 years, we are able to communicate almost telepathically and know exactly what the other is thinking. The benefit of that is we won’t be shouting across the ceremony space during your wedding! 😀  We also have personalities and styles that compliment each other perfectly. And most importantly, we are always able to keep our  senses of humor even in stressful situations.

We are so excited to see where this takes us! More soon!


Ed & Aileen