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Our Loves

Currently, it’s way past our bedtime and we are on the couch trying to decide what our top three loves are outside of photography. And after a lengthy discussion, we did it! So without further ado, here are our top three loves!




We are the proud owners of two extremely spoiled and fluffy cats. Oreo and Amber are both over ten years old, but still act like kittens – waking us up at 5AM because they want to play catch (just like dogs!), want cuddles, or most of the time, just want breakfast early. And when we return from a wedding (especially a destination wedding), these two are nonstop cuddlers after yelling at us for being away! Not only do we love cats (Aileen is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady), we love all animals. We donate to local animal charities and volunteer at the animal shelter when we have the time (which is where we fell in love with Amber).





We are diehard Chicago Bears fans, and we are more than happy to sit in negative degree temperatures just to watch our team destroy the Green Bay Packers (or not…). If we aren’t at Soldier Field, we may be at the United Center dancing to Chelsea Dagger. However, when it comes to baseball, it gets a little complicated. Ed is a Cubs fan, and Aileen loves the White Sox.  This may be the biggest disagreement in our marriage, but we make it work. 😉 We can’t wait for the Crosstown Classic!

As for college sports, Aileen went to the UW – Madison, so GO BADGERS!






Our most important and treasured love is our marriage. We treasure our time together, and that is one of the main reasons we decided to create Ed & Aileen Photography. We are at our best when working together because after over fifteen years, we know exactly what the other one is thinking without saying a word and we push each other to our limits. From our epic date nights to just binge watching Breaking Bad (for the third time), we know we can conquer any obstacle as long as we are together. And as wedding photographers, we are blessed with the ability to experience the beauty of marriage all the time.

In the end, we love life, adventure, and cuddling on the couch together with our two fluffy cats…and a nice bottle of red wine.