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Ian proposed to the love of his life on December 30th at Lincoln Park Zoo, and we were lucky enough to capture it! Whenever we photograph a surprise proposal, we always arrive 15-20 minutes early to scout the location and come up with the perfect game plan. Aileen hid next to an employee entrance, and Ed […]

On a gorgeous afternoon in June, Brad proposed to the love of his life Allison at the Boerner Botanical Gardens. Planned and designed by Citygirl Weddings & Events, this Wisconsin proposal was straight out of a fairytale. From the lush florals and delicious pastries from Alliance Patisserie to the adorable signage that told their love story, not […]

There’s no better way to remember your first time in Chicago than with a romantic proposal!! We were delighted when Greg contacted us to capture this beautiful moment. You could tell that he was head over heels for Lindsey and so excited! The proposal took place at the beautiful Milton Olive Lee Park. Greg was texting us all […]

Lyn and Mark’s love story is straight out a movie. It all began when Mark was stationed in the Philippines with the Navy. And even though Mark and Lyn have spent the past year apart, their love remains strong and pure. These two deserved the best reunion ever!! And that’s exactly what they got – it […]

On Thursday morning, we got a nervous call from Paulie, telling us that he was going to propose to the love of his life. From his voice, you could tell just how excited he was to take the next step in their relationship. He undoubtedly loves Gianna. We were thrilled!! We absolutely love proposals, and […]

On a humid Wednesday night, we met Mike in the back of a grocery store parking lot. He pulled up in a white van, and nervously handed us a black backpack. If someone was watching from afar, they totally would have thought that something fishy was going down…haha! What they wouldn’t have seen was just […]

A few weeks ago, Aileen was able to shoot alongside TrueLee Photography to capture the cutest proposal ever!! From the colorful flowers and lush greenery to the beautiful wooden benches, Washington Square Park in Chicago was the perfect setting for this adorable couple. Here are some of our favorites from the surprise proposal! To see more, be […]

Jaime contacted us a few weeks back about a surprise proposal during his son Andrew’s first birthday party. Even in our initial emails, you could just tell how excited he was to propose to the love of his life. Aileen met with Jaime one afternoon in the Loop. And of course, there was no parking, so she […]





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