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We spent the last two days in Japan in Kyoto. After riding Japan’s high speed bullet train, we made our way to the Airbnb, which was located right next the incredible Fushimi Inari-taisha. This shrine contains a path of thousands of vibrant orange torii gates and hundreds of stone foxes. What a feast for the eyes!! Our next […]

Located in central Tokyo, the Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. We arrived early in the morning to see it in action. From the selection of fish to all the nooks and crannies found throughout, it was amazing. There were so many things happening at once! Not only did […]

We recently had the most incredible adventure in Japan!! One thing you’ll learn about us is that we cannot fall asleep on a plane. Not even Benadryl can do the trick! So after five movies and three books, we landed at Narita International Airport in Tokyo. And after navigating the Tokyo subway, we made our way to our AirBNB right off […]

A couple months ago, we were able to spend twelve days exploring China. Starting in Tianjin, we began our adventure with a little hiccup, leading Ed to experience the inside of a Chinese hospital firsthand . . . eek! Luckily, Ed recovered quickly. We then made our way to Chang’an to visit Aileen’s grandparents. We haven’t seen […]

What we love even more than adventure is expanding our horizons. We can’t resist experimenting with the latest photography trends and honing our skills behind the lens. Practicing and learning new techniques is something that we hold very dear as it forces us to go beyond our comfort zone. It makes us not only appreciate […]

I may have been born in California, but I never had the opportunity to explore its cliffs, redwood forests, and breathtaking ocean views. And that’s exactly what we did for my 29th birthday. We stayed a few days in Big Sur before heading down to Joshua Tree to hang out with 100 of the most talented wedding photographers ever. Our […]

A couple weeks ago, we decided to take the day off and enjoy the last few days of fall with our friends. After a flat tire, check engine light, and a few bathroom breaks (and creating the next hit song, “We Are Never Going To Get There”), we made finally made it to Starved Rock State […]

While Part One focused on our lazy days, where we just soaked in the sun and ate incredible meals. Our last day on Maui was easily the best. On Thursday morning, we impulsively decided to drive the Road to Hana and beyond, completely circumferencing Haleakalā (which voids the insurance for your rental vehicle due to unsafe driving […]

If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we absolutely adore each other’s sense of adventure. We split our time between cuddling on the couch, binge watching re-runs of our favorite TV shows, and discovering new places. So for our one year anniversary, it was only fitting that we went exploring. Two days before our […]





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